Technical Innovations in Steelwork Connections

Beam Clamps and Accessories

Type A


 Type B

TYPE A.jpg     TYPE B.jpg


Accessories for Type A and B

Type CW


Type P1/P2


Type T


Type W

CW-CLIPPED WASHER.jpg     Type P1 - Packing HR.jpg     T TIP.jpg     Deep Washer.jpg




Type AF


Type CF

Type AF - High Friction HR.jpg     Type CF.jpg


Accessories for Type AF



Type AFP1/AFP2


Type AFW

Type AFCW.jpg     Type AFP1.jpg     TYPE AFW.jpg




Type LR


Type D2


Type D3

Type LR-Self Adjust open.jpg




Type D2.jpg     Type D3.jpg


Accessories for Type LR, D2, and D3

Type P1/P2 Long


Type T


Type W

Type P1 P2 Long.jpg     T TIP.jpg     Deep Washer.jpg




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